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Do you ever find yourself looking at wine and not knowing what to choose? Do you drink wine, but always play it safe and buy the same brand? Now you can discover new wines with confidence. Simply tell us what flavours you like and our revolutionary wine chooser will recommend a selection of wines that we know you'll love.

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What's the difference between Twelve Green Bottles and other wine merchants?

Well, for starters we won’t compromise on quality, and we really do taste every product we offer before it makes its way onto our shelves. So if you want to buy with the confidence that you what you choose is going to be amazing, to know that you’re absolutely going to get a great bottle of wine, shop with us.

Our quest is simple

Our quest is simple; to offer sensational, exclusive wines at an affordable price, then deliver them directly to your door. And that, we think, is worth raising a glass to.

Neil Jenkins, Founder, Twelve Green Bottles