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Biodynamic Wine Production

Posted on March 15 2017

Wine production and vineyard management are continuously evolving, and, thanks to an increased awareness of the environment, organic practices are increasing and so is the use of biodynamics.

So what is biodynamic wine production? Well, it is a type of organic farming, but with extra elements based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner (an Austrian philosopher) in the Agriculture course he gave in 1924, which was before organic farming really got going. It involves looking at the vineyard as a self sufficient organism and part of an interconnected living system. It also considers the vineyard in conjunction with the movements of the cosmos to give optimum times for watering, growing, pruning, and harvest. Steiner also prescribed certain organic preparations involving natural animal and vegetable elements, to be used as fertilisers. If the wine is labelled ‘biodynamic’ it must have passed stringent tests done by Demeter (an internationally recognised certifying body).

So, what is all the fuss about, does it make a difference to the wine? Well, there are different views on this. Due to the connection with the earth, it is said that biodynamic wines display more characteristics of the locality (the soil type, inclination of the land, climate etc) than conventionally produced wines, this is reflected in their flavours and aromas. By their very nature, they are more natural, so if you are worried about the effects of chemicals, then these wines would be the ones to choose. 

There are also those who believe that it doesn’t make much difference to the wine.

I personally quite like the idea of a completely naturally produced wine, which has had so much care (and often love) put into it, that somebody is watching the movements of the cosmos so closely to know when to water, prune and harvest etc.

Why not find some biodynamic wines and see for yourselves!



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