Fancy a Cheese and Wine Party? Find out Which Pairs Work Well and Why

Mandy Jenkins

It’s always great to combine three of the best things in life: Cheese, Wine and Friends! So why not indulge yourself, and host a Cheese and Wine Party - very retro’ I know, but definitely back ‘in’ again!

The question is, which cheeses would you taste with which wines, and in which order?

Well - wine wise you should definitely get the party started with some bubbles, then go through the colours: white, pink, red and finish with sweet/dessert wine or sherry/port.

So lets have a look at what you could serve - pick and choose to suit your preference, or just use as a general guide.

  1. Champagne/ Prosecco/ Cava - with a nice fragrant Camembert as it would cut through the salty mushroomy finish of this gorgeous French soft cheese.
  2. French Sauvignon Blanc with tangy Burrata - the grassy, herbaceous, flavours and high acidity will clean the palate and cut through the creaminess of the cheese perfectly.  
  3. Chardonnay (moderate to warm climate, so not Chablis) with Comté - the creamy, tropical notes of a warm climate Chardonnay will go beautifully with this semi-firm cows milk cheese which has a slight sweetness to it.
  4. Pinot Grigio with Fontina (an Italian style Brie) - the tropical floral flavours of the Pinot will lighten the creaminess of the Fontina.
  5. Dry Riesling with soft Goats Cheese - the high acidity in the Riesling will cut through the creaminess of the cheese and the light flavours will go perfectly together.
  6. Gewürztraminer with Monterey Jack Cheese -  you could go dry Italian Gewürztraminer, or a sweeter Alsatian version which has tropical pineapple and lychee flavours - remember cheese cubes and pineapple on cocktail sticks? - This is the wine version!
  7. Rosé with Mature Cheddar (perhaps a Bardolino Chiaretto or a Cinsault Rosé) with its strawberry notes and maybe a hint of minerality will balance the sharpness of the cheddar.  
  8. Pinot Noir with Gouda - Gouda has a nutty, creaminess which will pair well with a light-bodied Pinot Noir which will enhance the nuttiness of the cheese. 
  9. Malbec and Gruyère - If you choose a New World Malbec (e.g. Argentinian) then you are most likely to get the plum and cherry flavours and a bit of tannin, which will be softened by the stronger, more aromatic cheese.  
  10. Rioja Crianza/Reserva with Manchego - The two were made to be eaten together, this strong salty cheese will bring out the fruit and soften any tannins in this more robust red.
  11. Fleurie and Brie - The ripe raspberry and cherry drop flavours in the Fleurie will go really well with the creaminess of the Brie.
  12. White Port with Asiago or Parmesan - The almond marzipan notes and the pineapple aromas of the Port will cut through the saltiness of this Italian hard cheese.
  13. Pedro Ximenez Sherry with Roquefort - The perfect Christmas combo - sweet sticky Sherry like Christmas pudding goes really well with this creamy, salty blue cheese, pure indulgence!











I’m sure that you’re mouth is watering and you’re writing your shopping list right now! There are some really good pairings here, but you can definitely scale it down too! At least these suggestions will get you started. It’s a great retro party idea - you could even theme it (I can see the flowery shirt and flares coming out)! Whatever your taste - just have fun with it!

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