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Mongozo Pilsner

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Pours a golden colour with a thin white head which quickly dissipates. Grain and mild hop aromas and flavours, and a subtle bitter finish. Classic pilsner characteristics and gluten free.

World Beer Awards 2012 - World's Best Gluten Free Lager
World Beer Awards 2013 - World's Best Gold Medal
World Gluten Free Beer Awards 2013 - First Place
World Beer Awards 2014 - Gold Medal

Beer Facts

Style Pilsner
Country Netherlands
Size 33.0cl
ABV 5.0%
Serving Temperature Chilled

Brewery Information

Mongozo BreweryMongozo means ‘cheers’ in the native language of Henrique Kabia, one of the founders of Mongozo beer. It is the language of the Chokwe people who live scattered throughout Angola, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was one of Henrique Kabia’s distant great-grandmothers who was responsible for bringing about a great change in the eighteenth century: instead of making palm wine she began making palm beer. Over the centuries her recipe was handed down from mother to daughter. As there were no daughters in the Kabia family, Henrique’s mother decided to break with tradition and initiate her son into the mysteries of beer brewing. That same recipe was Henrique’s only possession when, in 1993, he arrived in the Netherlands as a refugee. The recipe formed the basis for a new exotic beer range. In 1998, Henrique Kabia and Jan Fleurkens decided to join forces and market palm nut beer. In 2001 Mongozo Banana was launched, followed by Mongozo Quinua in 2003

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