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Rochefort 6

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Pours a tawny colour with a tan head. Hints of spice, bread crust and dark fruits on the nose with phenol, butter and nutty notes on the palate.

Beer Facts

 Style Trappist Dubbel
Country Belgium
Size 33.5cl
ABV 7.5%
Serving Temperature Lightly Chilled

Brewery Information

Rochefort BreweryIt wasn't until 1464 that Rochefort saw the arrival of Cistercian monks, as part of a religious order 'swap-over'. They gave up their abbey, Félipré near Givet, to the nuns, and proceeded to make Rochefort's abbey their home. Archives indicate that brewing activity has taken place here since 1595. This brewing tradition, albeit only for the monks’ consumption, came to an abrupt end during the French Revolution. The French army occupied the region, and the abbey was plundered by the region’s inhabitants. After the Second World War, Rochefort's beers declined from the success of Chimay's better known (and more consistent) brews. The Chimay abbey's Trappists decided to lend Rochefort's brewery a hand. Success soon followed, and Rochefort has since carved out a strong niche in the heady Trappist market.

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