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Timmermans Kriek (Cherry) Lambic

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Pours hazy red in colour with a white, pink tinged head. Sour cherries, yeast and balsamic on the nose with sweet cherry and apple notes on the palate, and a nice tart finish. Brewed using the naturally occurring yeasts found on the skins of the fruit.

Beer Facts 

Style Lambic
Country Belgium
Size 33.0cl
ABV 4.0%
Serving Temperature Chilled

Brewery Information

Timmermans BreweryTimmermans has been brewing in Itterbeek for the last 300 years, ever since 1702Owned by Jan Vandermeulen the brewery was known as The Mole Brewery, it was also a farm, an orchard, a café and a malt-house. In the early 20th century, the sixth generation, Paul Van Cutsem, son-in-law of Frans Timmermans, changed the name to The Timmermans Brewery. Bourgogne des Flandres, a subtle Bruges blend of a high fermentation brown beer with the best spontaneously fermented lambic beer, is now brewed by Timmermans Brewery. Timmermans Brewery, the oldest Belgian and still active Lambic brewery, is still brewing using the unique spontaneous fermentation method. This unique method is only used by six breweries in the world, all situated in or near Brussels. 

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