Bacioilcielo ‘Kiss The Sky’ Italian Fiano 75cl




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Intense and fresh on the nose, of medium aromaticity, with notes of pear, peach and tropical fruit. Fresh and medium-bodied on the palate. Excellent with Mediterranean fish cuisine.

Viticoltori de Conciliis is an artisanal family-owned winery based in southern Campania, representing the best of contemporary winemaking in southern Italy, with mineral, complex Fiano and rich, layered Aglianco.

The winery was formed in 1996, when siblings Luigi, Bruno, and Paola convinced their father Alessandro to stop selling their grapes and make their own wine. De Conciliis own 15 hectares of vineyards, farmed organically, set in rugged coastal foothills with altitude and sea breezes balancing out the Mediterranean heat. This area was underwater in prehistory, resulting in sandstone and limestone soils, rich in minerals and quartz with some volcanic sediment, bringing a keen minerality and freshness to the whole range. Their IGP, Paestum, is named for the local town, which is home to such well-preserved Greek Ruins it was named a UNESCO World heritage site in 1998. The family are jazz aficionados, which is reflected in the names of their wines: ‘Donnaluna’ is a play on the jazz standard ‘Donna Lee’ made famous by Miles Davis and Charlie Parker, while ‘Naima’ is named directly after a John Coltrane tune.

The quality here is unmistakable, with a selection of pure, terroir-driven wines from an exciting producer – and at this price point, there is no excuse to not try them.

Wine Facts
Style Light, Fruity, Medium-Dry White Wine
Country Italy
Region Campania
Grape Fiano
ABV 13%
Vintage 2020
Size 75CL