Beavertown Neck Oil Session IPA 33cl Cans



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Neck oil is our down-to-earth beer. The light and zingy taste of Neck Oil Session IPA is the perfect place to start your craft beer journey. We’ve created a perfect balance of hop flavours to deliver an extra special taste. The name Neck Oil comes from our founder Logan fondly remembering his grandad stating he was off down the pub to 'oil his neck' with a pint.


Beer Facts

 Style Session IPA
Country England
Brewery Enfield, London
Size 330ml
ABV 4.3%
Serving Temperature Chilled

Our mission is to encourage everyone to unleash their creative potential. We believe there’s more to get from life if you open your mind to curiosity. We did it – and we’ve mastered interstellar travel – all on a Tuesday morning. We're also bringing great beer! From our anytime, easy drinking, classic ‘Neck Oil’ to craft icon ‘Gamma Ray’ and the full flavoured Lupuloid we’re making space for some cosmic taste. Over the nine years since Beavertown began life, we’ve gone from a BBQ joint in Haggerston to now brewing over 90 million pints a year in our new home in Enfield.