Belvoir Ginger Cordial (500ml) Glass Bottle



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In this new, punchier recipe, we use fresh root ginger to create a pleasingly fiery cordial. Belvoir Fruit Farms’ Ginger Cordial is an old favourite and one of our best-selling cordials. This magnificent warm and spicy drink has no secret ingredient – just a 100% natural one. We make each and every bottle by cooking fresh root ginger here on the farm to achieve the genuinely spicy taste of ginger, which could never be recreated by using flavourings. Mix our Ginger Cordial with sparkling water for old-fashioned ginger beer, or with hot water for a spicy warming winter toddy. For cocktails, add a little whisky to make a great Whisky Mac or vodka for a delicious Moscow Mule.

Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Lemon Juice from Concentrate, Fresh Root Ginger infusion 11%, pressed Ginger Juice 2%, Ginger Extracts, Capsicum extract.

Preparation and Usage: Keep me in the fridge and dilute me. Dilute up to 1:10 make 22 glasses (250ml) of spicy ginger beer. The contents of this cordial may settle, so shake gently before use