Belvoir Organic Elderflower Cordial (500ml) Glass Bottle



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Belvoir Fruit Farms Organic Elderflower Fragrant cordial is full of fresh elderflowers picked from the organically grown elder that surrounds the Belvoir Fruit Farm. This organic elderflower cordial is made with pure organic ingredients - bags and bags of fresh elderflowers from around the Belvoir Fruit Farm - and absolutely no preservatives, flavourings or artificial nasties. Organic elderflower cordial is a wonderful alternative to alcohol, although a generous splash in white wine creates a terrific spritzer. Alternatively, add some to pep up a much-deserved gin and tonic. Use it to rev up a gooseberry fool, as a great base for a fresh fruit salad or to make a stunning sorbet - it can enhance a whole host of desserts.

Ingredients: Organic Sugar, Water, Fresh Organic Elderflowers 8%, real pressed Organic Lemon Juice, Citric Acid.

Preparation and Usage: Keep me in the fridge and dilute me. Dilute about 1:10 to make 22 glasses (250ml) of lovely refreshing drink, only 43 calories per glass.