Chateau Patris Saint Emilion Grand Cru AOC in Wooden Gift Box with Accessories

Chateau Patris



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A very nice, beautifully developed wine. An intense bouquet in which you can smell flowers, ripe fruit, hazelnut and earthy notes. The taste is warm and meaty, very soft woody tannins and rich in juicy fruit.

This wooden gift box is padded to provide a secure and elegant way to present a bottle of wine as a gift. Embedded in the lid you'll find a selection of wine tools to help you open and serve the perfect glass.

Accessories within the wooden gift box include a waiters' friend corkscrew with crown bottle opener and foil cutter, a pourer to help oxidise the wine, a wine collar to catch any drips and a stopper to help keep the wine fresh.

Acquired in 1967 by the present owners, Geneviève and Michel Querre, Château Patris is located on the southern side of the Saint-Emilion slopes in a continuation of the vineyards of Château Angélus.

The 9-hectare estate has outstanding sun exposure and is naturally sheltered from cold north winds. Grapes ripen perfectly here on a soil made of sans-d on chalk and clay. Château Patris is made with the greatest of care, bunch and leaf thinning are regularly done. The grapes are picked manually into small crates to avoid bruising.

Vinification combines tradition and modernity, making the most of the potential offered by vintages. Michel and Geneviève Querre and their team seek to produce a deep Saint-Emilion with a velvety but well-structured texture. The fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats. The use of new barrels always ensures the respect of the fruit: 60% aging is done in new barrels renewed in full each year for the first wine.