Cornish Orchards Vintage Cider 50cl Glass Bottle

Cornish Orchards


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Medium dry and lightly sparkling, this true connoisseurs cider is made from apples selected for traditional flavour and matured for a minimum of 12 months for vintage qualities. Great with cured meats or with the best fish and chips.

Cider Facts

Style Full-Bodied, Strong, Lightly Sparkling Cider
Country England
Region Cornish Orchards, Cornwall
Size 50cl
ABV 7.2%
Serving Temperature Chilled


Cornish Orchards uses freshly pressed apples that have been grown around the South West (Somerset, Devon and Cornwall) that are hand-graded and pressed on site.

Another big factor that sets Cornish Orchards aside from bigger players in the cider industry is that it does not force the fermentation period using temperature-control technology. Instead, opting to harness the cool, ambient temperatures of Cornwall’s winter months for maximum fermentation time yielding high-quality flavour. The cider is then matured in tank where, over time flavour and aroma develops and the youthful, austerity of cider softens providing vintage style qualities as the base of our range of ciders.

The cider makers never cut corners when it comes to the cider-making process. After a fine filtration, they then hand-blend each batch, making sure it’s consistent in flavour and quality.

Basically, we take our time and let nature do what she does best, which locks in the flavour and avoids us having to add in nasties to make our products taste good.