Domaine des Mapliers 'Abacus' Cotes de Provence Rose

Domaine des Mapliers

Cotes de provence


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Mid intensity pale rose colour, bright and clear with delicate fuchsia highlights. The nose is strong and rich with tones of ripe raspberries. The undertone is full of white fruits with a dominance of yellow prunes, white peaches – intense and meaningful. The mouth is large and round, with a beautiful depth of spicy Sichuan pepper and fresh ginger which gives this wine an exceptional structure and an impressive length. The palate also offers good concentration whilst also being immensely refreshing and gastronomic.

Domaine des Mapliers is owned by the Gallo family (no connection to California’s ubiquitous wines of the same name). Jean Gallo has been passionate about wine and Champagne for over 40 years, an enthusiasm he naturally transmitted to his son. In 2013 they decided to acquire a vineyard and live out their passion for the land and its wine. Previously managed by the celebrated Domaine Ott, the vineyard is located in the heart of Provence Varoise.

Certified Organic, Domaine des Mapliers Rosé is cultivated with total respect of nature. The vines, situated on a south-facing hillside, grow on a calcareous clay soil at an altitude of 300 metres above sea level, which accounts for the wine’s unique freshness.

Our Master Sommelier, Nicolas Clerc, has been following the estate since their 2018 vintage: “I have witnessed an impressive increase year after year in quality and precision. The 2020 vintage is simply superb across the range. Now is the perfect time to bring them on board as we have been looking for a serious producer in Provence for some time and we are now very happy to have found one of the best producers in the region.”