Craftily brewed, then all the alcohol is swept away to leave only pure satisfaction - A refreshing, pale gold lager beer with a clean taste. Perfectly balanced with hints of barley malt, complex aromatic floral notes and mild, hoppy bitterness.

Beer Facts

 Style Alcohol Free Lager
Country England
Brewery Drynks
Size 330ml
ABV 0%
Serving Temperature Chilled

Drynks Unlimited specialise in craftily brewing premium quality, great tasting alcohol free drinks.

Brewed to start with great tasting, fully alcoholic liquids and then very gently and very quickly the alcohol content is removed, retaining the same full strength personality, character and flavour of the original, whilst delivering a truly tasty AF range of drinks. The unique process gently teases out the alcohol whilst making sure the flavour and aromas are kept throughout the process and treating it gently with respect - meaning the resulting drink is a perfect alternative to an alcoholic drink. To compliment this lack of alcohol there is no added sugar or artificial sweeteners in any of the range and they are also suitable for vegans.

Drynks Smashed Lager Can - Alcohol Free

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