A unique cider blended with mango and lime giving a lovely initial sweetness followed by a cidery aftertaste.

Cider Facts

Style Light, Fruity, Still Cider
Country England
Region Harry's Cider, Somerset
Size 33cl
ABV 4.0%
Serving Temperature Chilled


Harry’s Cider is an award-winning artisan cider made from 100% juice, crafted by cidermakers Harry Fry and son Toby on their family farm in Somerset.

We are immensely proud to be part of the farming tradition of growing apples and making cider.

Our orchards form part of our agricultural enterprise, and we believe that the cider we produce is the best in Somerset.

After a decade of making Cider in Somerset, Harry has created a number of delicious, full bodied, refreshing, craft ciders that stand out amongst the rest and have won a number of awards across the UK and beyond.

Harry’s Mango & Lime Still Cider 33cl

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