Hawkshead Cheeseboard Chutney



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Hawkshead Relish Company – Cheeseboard Chutney 200g

A newer addition to our collection but an instant best seller. The Cheeseboard Chutney is everything you expect and more. Packed with apples, figs, cranberries, and a good glug of Pinot Noir these ingredients come together to create something wonderful. Created solely with Cheeseboards in mind we can’t think of any cheese that wouldn’t pair well with this chutney. Perhaps try adding a few spoons to your winter casseroles for a fruity and rich infusion.

Ingredients: Cranberries (25%), Onions, Sugar, Bramley Apple (13%), Acetic Acid, Figs (10%), Apples (5%), Red Wine, Orange Juice, Dried Cranberries (3%), Salt, Mustard Seeds, Black Pepper, Cinnamon

Gluten Free