Heroes & Heretics Darkwood Single Cask Rum 70cl


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Darkwood represents mysterious nights in the Caribbean basin, bright sunny days on a lounger and lazy afternoons being shaded by green and lofty palm trees. Smile as you look upon temperate seas and clear blue skies, whilst gorgeous white sands take time to run through your toes. Hear the faint the sound of steel drums playing whilst the sweet scent of honeysuckle fills the fresh salty air. Relax as sun ripened melon and peaches drizzled in honey and sprinkled with desiccated coconut melt in your mouth. Happy days. No experience necessary.

A limited single cask small batch Rum aged 13 years with only 370 bottles available with each bottle individually numbered.

Rum Facts

Style Single Cask Rum
Country Caribbean
Vintage Aged 13 Years
Alcohol 50.9%
Bottle Size 70cl