Mendel Wines Apertura Malbec 75cl




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Intense ruby red in colour. And fruity and intense on the nose with prevailing red and black fruit aromas of raspberries, plums and blackberries backed by floral scents of violets. The ageing in French oak contributes touches of vanilla and caramel, granting superb intensity. It is a gentle, fruity on the palate and easy-to-drink. Fruit and floral undertones and pleasant acidity contribute intensity, freshness and zest. Ripe, soft tannins confer body and balance to this wine.

Mendel wines classically combine Roberto de la Mota’s prestigious winemaking skills and tremendously old vineyards to make Mendoza’s most elegant wines. Proprietor and long-time wine lover, Anabelle Sielecki, partnered with Roberto to transform her family’s historic 1928 vineyard into the respected estate it is today. She honours her father, a hardworking immigrant and successful businessman, by putting his first name, Mendel, on the label.

Using his French winemaking experience, Roberto has led Argentina’s winemaking movement toward world-class production. The finesse and elegance in his wines are revered and respected.

Wine Facts
Style Smooth, Medium-Full-Bodied Red
Country Argentina
Region Mendoza
Grape Malbec
ABV 14.5%
Vintage 2019
Size 75CL