Rhea Romanian Feteasca Neagra Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot

Rhea Romanian

The iconic estate


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A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot with the exciting and unique Feteasca Neagra. Ripe red and black berry aromas complemented by dried plums and chocolate notes. Pair it with beef, lamb and aromatic cheeses. Fetească Neagră, which translates as black maiden, is a thin-skinned red grape variety whose origins are believed to be in the historical region of Moldavia, but the grape is nowadays mainly cultivated in Romania. Fetească is one of the most widespread grapes in Romania, and though in the past it was often used in the production of sweet styles, nowadays it is mostly used for dry varietal wines.

Depending on the region, dry Fetească Neagră wines can slightly differ in character, but they typically have moderate acidity and are usually not too overpowering or tannic. Typical aromas and flavors include dark fruits such as blackberries or plums, while oak-aged varieties tend to have spicy and toasty nuances.

Fetească is an excellent match to roasted, braised or grilled meat, especially lamb or beef, and it can also work well with spicy dishes, rich stews, and aged cheese. Some varieties may even be a good match to chocolate-based desserts.

The Iconic Estate is one of the largest Romanian bottled wine producers and exporters, having over 60% of the annual production sold abroad. Our wines are awarded by the most prestigious international competitions and we are the first Romanian wine producer to be awarded The Grand Gold Medal at “Concours Mondial de Bruxelles”.


Wine Facts
Country Romania
Region The iconic estate, ploiesti
ABV 13.5%
Vintage 2020
Size 75CL