Shipyard American IPA (500ml) Glass Bottle

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Combining finest malted barley with a whole bunch of audacious American hops, this thirst quenching and gutsy American IPA is dry, refreshing and explodes with grapefruity citrus flavour. This approachable American style IPA is full of hop flavour, balanced perfectly with a malt base for sessionability.

Starts smooth and finishes with a dry, crisp subtle bitterness from the hops.

Beer Facts

Style American Style IPA
Country England
Brewery Marstons Park Brewery, Wolverhampton
Size 50.0cl
ABV 5%
Serving Temperature Chilled

From his family owned brewery in the heart of Portland, Maine, famed for shipbuilding and ambitious world discovery, Fred Forsley drove the original American craft beer movement. His mission, to this day is to take original American craft beer around the world, making it accessible to everyone.