Sky Wave Orange & Madagascan Vanilla Gin 50cl

Sky Wave

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Sky Wave Gin has taken its exceptional Signature London Dry Gin, crowned the World’s Best Contemporary Gin 2020, and created this delicious cutting-edge expression using fresh fruit, never flavourings or essences.  It adds zesty orange and just a hint of the finest Madagascan vanilla, sourced directly from the growers, to deliver a wonderfully refreshing palate.  Instantly ‘orangey’ on the nose, the flavour does not disappoint whilst still retaining the authentic character of gin – juniper is still clearly evident.  This is a fruit gin for grown-ups.  All their gins are made with Blenheim palace natural mineral water and no sugar or colouring is added; the flavour and colour are all natural.

Gin Facts

Signature Serve London Dry Gin
Country England


Vintage N/A
Alcohol 40%
Bottle Size 50cl


The name Sky Wave is a nod to the distillers’ adventures whilst also being a term used in radio; in their former lives, Rachel was a BBC journalist and Andy was a Royal Signal Officer.