A premium cider made using classic cider apple varieties, all from a single orchard at Longaller Mill in Somerset. A blend of Yarlington Mill, Sweet Coppin, Improved Lambert Pippin and Tom Putt gives a rich, rounded, complex character to a cider with a lingering tannic finish.

Cider Facts

Style Premium, Rich, Rounded Cider
Country England
Region Taunton Cider, Taunton, Somerset
Size 50cl
ABV 5.0%
Serving Temperature Chilled


One such co-operative came together in the Somerset village of Norton Fitzwarren, just west of the county town of Taunton, in 1805. This little business continued right through the 19th century, making good quality cider to meet the needs of Norton Fitzwarren, surrounding villages, and Taunton itself. It might have continued on this way had not the business decided it need a full-time cider maker. In 1911, Arthur Moore – the gardener and part time cider maker at Heathfield rectory in an adjoining village – was offered an extra one shilling per week to work at Norton Fitzwarren.

With Arthurs’s expertise, the ciders became very popular and in 1912 the business became The Taunton Cider Company Ltd.

Taunton Longaller Mill Reserve Cider 50cl

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