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Tiefenbrunner Pinot Bianco

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The "Anna" Pinot Bianco is a fresh and generous wine, rich in fruity and floral scents, aged in large oak barrels and in steel. Citrus perfumes, fresh yellow fruit and white flowers, with light exotic shades. On the palate it is soft, rich and juicy, with a good freshness.


Wine Facts

Style Fresh White wine
Country Italy
Region Trentino
Vintage 2016
Grape Pinot Bianco
Alcohol 13.5%
Bottle Size 75cl

Vineyard & Wine Region Information


The "Anna" Pinot Bianco is a satisfying product, which involves nose and palate on a set of harmonious aromas and flavors, with a fresh soul. A label that comes from a meticulous choice in the vineyard, where only the most mature and healthy grapes are chosen by the Tiefenbrunner team to be taken to the cellar. A bottle that is always drink with great pleasure, whose sip is never tiring, but rather punctually enveloping and fascinating.

"Anna" Tiefenbrunner is born from the pure grapes of an international white grape variety that, in Alto Adige, finds one of its own terroir of choice, the Pinot Bianco. The vines of this variety grow in vineyards located at a height between 210 and 600 meters above sea level, facing south and south-east; the terroir is mainly composed of limestone and sand. Once the grapes have reached the premises used for the vinification of the Tiefenbrunner cellars, they ferment alcoholically in steel. We then proceed with the refining phase, in which the wine remains refined for 7 months, both in large oak barrels and in steel containers.

"Anna" is the name of a Pinot Bianco made by the Tiefenbrunner winery which, on visual examination, shows a very bright straw yellow color, characterized by some more greenish reflections in the nail. The olfactory spectrum revolves around mainly fruity and floral sensations, which develop with straight and ordered notes. When tasted it has a full body, round and wide on the palate , with a sip distinguished by a pleasant freshness. A label that comes from a careful selection of grapes, the result of which leads to a bottle of undoubted quality, as also certified by the main Italian and international industry guides.

The 'Linticar Estate' is first mentioned 1225 AD when the wine produced was sold in markets within the local area. In 1968 Hilde and Herbert Tiefenbrunner wanted to keep up the tradition of wine making on the estate but take it in a new direction, seeking to create wines that appeal to overseas customers. In reaching out to new overseas markets, it's been important to the Tiefenbrunner family to preserve the character of the terroir and the grape varieties in their wines.






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