Pink Prosecco, Prosecco Rosé or Sparkling Rosé Wine?

We have put together a small, carefully curated list of top quality, fruity sparkling rosé wines, all tasted by our in-house specialists before listing in our shop. We offer a 'no quibble' guarantee. If you don't like our wine, we'll give you your money back! 

Is it possible to buy a 'pink Prosecco' or a 'Prosecco Rosé'? The answer is, 'yes and no'. Technically the Italian sparkling wine known as Prosecco can only be white and must be made from the juice of the Glera grape. However, lots of Prosecco producers also make rosé wine from a blend of local noble grape varieties and Pinot Noir.

Pink prosecco is labeled in a similar way to Prosecco. First the bubbles; Spumante is the most popular or Frizzante, with significantly less bubbles, is a cheaper alternative. The residual sugar in a sparkling wine will determine its character. For Prosecco Rosé, this is defined on the label as Extra Brut - the lowest (and very, very dry), Brut - dry (quite pleasant and suitable for the calorie conscious), Extra Dry - the most popular and the type typically sold in the UK and Dry - quite sweet and not too popular. 


Villa Domiziano

£9.76 | £13.95

La Jara Veneto