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Vegan Prosecco

Prosecco is the best selling sparkling wine in the UK, made in North Eastern Italy in the Veneto region using juice from the Glera grape. The wine making process starts with fruit, which, once pressed, naturally contains lots of small 'bits' of the recently pressed fruit. To ferment the juice, yeast is added and once the fermentation is complete the spent yeast cells add to the mix of 'bits' in the wine. A cloudy wine, full of bits of grape skin and spent yeast, wouldn't be very appealing on the eye (although it would probably taste ok) so wine makers extract these impurities using a clarifying agent, but this agent is often derived from animals. 

We have put together a small, carefully curated list of vegan friendly Prosecco, all tasted by our in-house specialists before listing in our shop, and all produced without the use of animal derived fining agents. We offer a 'no quibble' guarantee. If you don't like our wine, we'll give you your money back! If you want further advice before you make your purchase please feel free to watch our short video in which Neil talks about different styles of Prosecco.


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