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Welcome to Twelve Green Bottles Wine. Photo of Twelve Green Bottles Wine family.

Neil and Mandy Jenkins, along with their three children, Emily, Thomas and Matthew, moved to Southern Spain in the year 2000.

While living in the city of Elche, near to Alicante, we embraced the local culture and quickly grew our knowledge of the many family owned vineyards in the region, as well as for wines from elsewhere in the world. Like most of our Spanish neighbours, we bought the bulk of our wine from our local Bodega (specialist wine shop). The owner got to know us very well over time, and we had great fun when we visited his shop. He made a point of helping us by recommending new wines which he thought we'd enjoy, and we always looked forward to trying them. We were rarely disappointed. 

When we returned to the UK in 2013 we assumed (wrongly) that we'd be able to continue in the same vein. Sadly we found the specialist shops we tried to be quite stuffy, and when we bought wine from the supermarket we felt that there didn't seem to be any relationship between quality and price, and their wine range simply didn't compare to what we'd become used to in Spain. We then tried buying online but we'd often receive a case of wines with one or two good ones and ten or eleven very mediocre to bad wines. We'd already decided to start a new business here in the UK and we settled on wine as we knew that we would be able to offer a wine buying experience similar to that offered by our friend in Spain.

While living in Spain we loved the lack of pretension about wine – the people happily shared their knowledge if you expressed an interest. It’s this atmosphere of informal sharing and exploration that we aim replicate, along with the offer of great value to our customers, the chance to make new discoveries and to grow their appreciation of wines – in the same way ours was nurtured in Spain.

Twelve Green Bottles is, we believe, very different to the majority of online wine retailers. We're a small family business, and the service we offer to our customers and friends - indeed most of our customers become friends - is highly personalised.

  • Our customers deal directly with a wine buyer rather than with a wine salesperson. We believe this helps to ensure that they always buy a wine they'll enjoy

  • As we get to know you, based on what we learn about your preferences, we’ll be able to make buying recommendations for wines which you haven't tried before, which we believe you’ll thoroughly enjoy 

  • You can call or email any time with a wine related query and we’ll do our level best to help you

  • If you want us to try to find a particular wine for you we’ll search the market, and if we can’t find what you’re looking for we'll use our expertise to recommend a suitable alternative

  • It’s really important to us that your wine arrives with you in tip-top condition. Our customers consistently compliment us on the quality of our packaging, and we endeavour to use only recyclable cardboard


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