Adnams Distillers Choice Whisky Collection – Gift Set



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Each Distiller’s Choice Whisky is sourced from a single cask of outstanding quality and character, then bottled for limited release. For this collection we have followed the journey of three whiskies, from mash bill to maturity. Cask selection adds a unique dimension to the profile of our whiskies. All three single malt whiskies have derived from the same distillation, they have matured in single casks from first fill, so our you can experience their influence on our spirit. We filled a selection of Oloroso Sherry, Port, and Bourbon casks and seven years later, they were emptied and bottled for this collection.

Experience the influence of three different types of cask on a single distillation from Adnams Copper House Distillery. Aging in Oloroso Sherry, Port and Bourbon casks has produced three stunning single malt whiskies, released exclusively in this limited-edition collection of three 20cl bottles - a first for our Distiller's Choice range.

Oloroso sherry casks are known to add aromatic spice and dark, dried fruit characteristics. The sherry's production is an oxidative process, so these casks also contribute nutty and herbaceous qualities.

As well as the characteristic contribution of peppery spice derived from the oak, casks previously used for maturing Port also add flavours of ripe hedgerow fruit and rich, dark chocolate. Our Bourbon casks tend to add a toasted sweetness to our whisky. You'll enjoy a rich, creamy mouthfeel, alongside flavours of vanilla, coconut, and honeyed apricot fruit. Add a similar volume of chilled spring water to taste.

Adnams has a long and colourful history. We're proud of our Southwold roots, which help give us the strength and confidence to grow and evolve, keeping us fresh and innovative.