Adnams Dry Hopped Lager Cans 440ml 4.2%

Adnams Southwold


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We’ve brewed with pale malts and used peachy Australian Galaxy hops to add a fruity twist to our delicious lager. It is then lagered, or cold conditioned, to give a full, well-rounded flavour and that dry, refreshing bite. Galaxy hops are descended from the excellent German allrounder, Perle, and are known for their amazing peach, and passionfruit aromas, especially when used as a late addition.

 Our Dry-Hopped Lager is light, crisp, and refreshing with delicious tropical fruit flavours, notes of peach, and a subtle citrus bitterness.

 It wasn’t until we installed additional tanks in our fermentation building that we achieved the capacity to be able to brew a lager (with its longer conditioning time) alongside our existing range of faster fermenting ales. For our first ever lager, we wanted to give it the appearance of a beer everyone was familiar with, but with the added twist of more fruit-driven hops. We were keen to use Australian Galaxy Hops and did several trials on our pilot brew kit to try to get just the right balance, before settling on the final recipe. Dry-Hopped Lager is part of our Jack Brand range of beers. They give a firm nod to many years of Adnams brewing heritage, at the same time as introducing modern styles, flavours, and recipes. The 'Jack Brand,' or 'Southwold Jack,' is Adnams oldest trademark and the design is inspired by some old, refillable 'Jack Brand' bottles found in our cellars.

 Contains: Barley, Gluten

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Southwold, Suffolk





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Adnams has a long and colourful history. We're proud of our Southwold roots, which help give us the strength and confidence to grow and evolve, keeping us fresh and innovative.

Beer has been brewed on the same site in Southwold for at least 670 years. Our long history gives us firm foundations and we look forward to an exciting and sustainable future.