Adnams First Rate Gin 70cl

Adnams Southwold


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London Dry Gin. 45%. 70cl. Suitable for Vegans.

We redistill our trophy-winning triple grain vodka, Longshore, with a complex and powerful blend of 13 botanicals. Our Head Distiller, John McCarthy, spent several months refining a recipe that would complement our smooth, finest-cut spirit. Aromatic herbs and spices mingle with the tart fruit of juniper and fresh hints of citrus peel. It is big and bold, and truly a gin to savour. You will discover something different with every sip.

A complex and powerful blend of 13 botanicals delivers aromatic herbs and spices mingled with fruity juniper and fresh flavours of citrus peel.

At the Copper House Distillery, we use the ‘London Dry’ method to produce gins of exceptional flavour and quality. First, we make a vodka-quality spirit using locally sourced grain and our copper pot still and copper rectifying column. We then redistill the vodka in our gin still with a range of selected botanicals. To make First Rate, we use our Longshore Vodka, made from a distillery wash of 60% malted barley, 35% wheat and 5% oats. This base spirit is exceptionally smooth thanks to its unique mash bill, and we take the finest cut for this premium and complex gin. Once the vodka has been produced, we put it back into our gin still with a special combination of 13 botanicals. The botanicals are left to steep in the Vodka overnight and are then redistilled ensuring a gin of superior quality, character and smoothness.

This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.