Adnams Ghost Ship – Alcohol Free Pale Ale 500ml Glass Bottle

Adnams Southwold


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It’s Ghost Ship, but not as you know it. We’ve managed to squeeze 100% of the taste into 0.5% abv. This is no apparition; it really is a low alcohol beer!

Ghost Ship 0.5% has the taste and aroma of Ghost Ship 4.5%, but with almost all the alcohol removed. There are lots of ways to create low alcohol beer, but many methods involve either changing the recipe or the way it is brewed, and this often alters the flavour.

Beer Facts

Style Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale
Country England
Brewery Southwold
Size 500ml
ABV 0.5%
Serving Temperature Chilled

Adnams invested in a de-alcoholiser; a reverse osmosis plant which allows the team to brew Ghost Ship 4.5% and then take out the alcohol. It is all very high tech, but what it does is allow Ghost Ship to sail away almost free from alcohol but remain full of its original flavours and aromas. So you’ll still get to experience that famous citrus kick and smell lovely lemon and lime, when occasion or preference dictates less alcohol.