Adnams Kobold Vegan Friendly English Lager 4.7% 500ml Glass Bottles



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Kobold is a great all-rounder, as well as a real showcase for English barley and hops. Its recipe keeps things clean and simple – much like its taste. With simplicity comes versatility, so open on any occasion were a crisp, cold beer is the order of the day. It’s perfect for reviving a food-weary palate or simply slaking a thirst. Named after the water spirit of legend that protects sailors on the North Sea, Kobold is a premium English lager with a refreshing taste and sustainability mission to match. Inspired by its namesake, sales of Kobold support marine conservation projects through a partnership with the Blue Marine Foundation. Together, we can help protect our seas, coastlines, and planet for everyone to enjoy.

This refreshing lager is a perfect blend of English ingredients and uses East Anglian extra pale malted barley and wheat, with Goldings hops from Hertfordshire and Kent. Extra Pale Malted barley provides a light base that offers a hint of bready sweetness but allows the hops to shine through. We’ve got some of the best malting barley in the world on our doorstep, so we’d be crazy not to use it. The brewing team use Goldings hops to add depth and flavour. It’s a flexible hop that we use for both bitterness and aroma. It contributes that quintessential British hop character, with gentle aromas and a balanced bitterness. We felt this would be perfect for an English Lager and give us those subtle, approachable flavours we were aiming for. As a result of this marriage of quality and craftmanship, Kobold is clean and crisp, with a light, bready, honeyed aroma alongside subtle green, grassy floral notes and a hint of lemon.

This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Contains: Barley, Gluten, Wheat

Cider Facts

Style English Lager
Country England
Region Southwold, Suffolk
Size 500ml
ABV 4.7%
Serving Temperature Chilled


Through sales of Kobold, Adnams is supporting Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) to try and establish a national marine park in East Anglia, working together to connect people to, and protect wildlife in, our seas. This work is part of BLUE’s wider vision for a network of national marine parks in British seas. Marine parks could boost tourism, sustainable fishing, public health, and economic recovery. They could change how people view the ocean. Adnams is also supporting BLUE in ensuring that offshore marine reserves are receiving the protection they deserve. Protecting offshore areas, using properly enforced marine reserves, will ensure that habitats for animals such as minke whale, harbour porpoise and seabirds are protected from destructive fishing, allowing these species to thrive.

Adnams has a long and colourful history. We're proud of our Southwold roots, which help give us the strength and confidence to grow and evolve, keeping us fresh and innovative.

Beer has been brewed on the same site in Southwold for at least 670 years. Our long history gives us firm foundations and we look forward to an exciting and sustainable future.