Adnams Sloe Gin 70cl



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We steep juicy sloes in Copper House Dry Gin to produce this truly distinctive, heart-warming, traditional-style Sloe Gin. Ruby red in colour, with gentle aromas of plums, cherries and red rope liquorice, it is jam-packed with flavour.

Our Sloe Gin is has gentle aromas of plums, cherries and red rope liquorice. Its jammy hedgerow fruit and the natural bitterness of the sloes are perfectly balanced on the palate, which is smooth and round and displays notes of marzipan on the finish.

This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Product Details


Size 700ml
Strength (ABV) 40%
Brand Adnams
Presentation Glass Bottle
Country England
Gin Type Sloe Gin



Quince is a hard, yellow fruit that produces a lovely fragrant, delicate flavour. Adnams Head Distiller, John McCarthy, first made a Quince Gin for Adnams Gin Club members in January 2018. It was inspired by a fruiting quince tree growing within sight of Adnams Copper House Distillery and it proved to be the most popular of the season’s distillations. Adnams Limited Edition Quince Gin is made from grain to glass using a distillery wash of 100% East Anglian malted barley. This wash is distilled to a vodka with exceptional purity at 96% abv. We then redistil this vodka with six botanicals including juniper berries, orris root, coriander seeds, cardamom pods, sweet orange peel and hibiscus flower, to create our award-winning London Dry Gin, Copper House. We combine this with quince juice which adds its fragrant tropical aromas and fruity flavours, while still maintaining the character of a true gin.