Adnams Smidgin 50% ABV 20cl

Adnams Southwold


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Adnams Smidgin 50% ABV 20cl

This aromatic, juniper-forward gin is jam-packed with fruity and floral characteristics. The citrus notes in juniper are bolstered by zesty peels and balanced by the sweet, flowery notes of cardamom and the light spice of coriander seeds. Underlying hints of hibiscus lift these characteristics and give a refreshingly soft floral finish.

Award-winning Smidgin Dry Gin is specially distilled for making low-alcohol drinks. You can now use less alcohol, and still get the gin taste you love. We increased the intensity of its six ingredients by adding 10 times the botanicals to our copper pot still. You only need a Smidgin with your tonic for a delicious, low-alcohol G&T or to add real gin flavour to your low-alcohol cocktails. It might look small, but it's mighty in flavour. So mighty in fact, it scooped the top accolade, a ‘Masters Medal,’ in The Spirits Business Global Masters Awards 2023. The Low & No Masters competition was highly contested, with 95 entries from around the world, so it’s a fantastic achievement for our nifty little bottle.

 Smidgin is the ideal choice if you want to cut back on alcohol without losing out on the gin taste you love. If you want to create an award-winning, low-alcohol stir, you only need a drop of gin, where you’d normally add a splash. For the perfect low-alcohol G&T, pour your 2.5ml measure (or half-a-teaspoon) of Smidgin over ice using the copper measure that comes with the bottle, add 200ml of Indian Tonic Water and garnish with a twist of orange zest. Just a 2.5ml serve of Smidgin will pack the juniper-laden punch, you’d ordinarily get from adding a 25ml serve of regular gin to the mix when you're crafting low-alcohol cocktails. You get a full-flavoured, real gin experience for just 0.6% ABV, which is just 0.1 unit of alcohol. As Smidgin is a true gin, it has the same shelf-life as a regular spirit. There are no storage issues after opening. This, coupled with 80 servings in each 200ml bottle means Smidgin is long-lasting in more ways than one.