Adnams Spirit of Broadside Eau-de-Vie-de-Biere 43% ABV 70cl



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Born of beer and aged in oak, Spirit of Broadside is an eau-de-vie-de-biere and quite a rarity. As well as being a moreish, after-dinner digestif, Spirit of Broadside is also a bit of a talking point. An intriguing alternative for the whisky connoisseur or inevitable eyebrow-raiser for the intrepid beer fan. Broadside beer is sent through our distillery and the resulting spirit is matured in oak barrels. This creates a complex spirit with rich fruitcake flavours with the beer's hoppy astringency on the finish.


Strong, original Broadside beer is sent through our distillery but retains its flavours of caramelised malt and hints of hoppy astringency. Maturation in oak barrels adds a woody sweetness and warming spicy notes of nutmeg and cinnamon. Its sorbet-like hoppiness cleans your palate, before some lingering vanilla sweetness and a black pepper finish.


Normally made from fermented fruit, eau-de-vies are quickly distilled to retain all that lovely flavour. Spirit of Broadside is produced in a similar way. It is the direct distillation of fermented beer that would normally be destined for the bottle. Broadside's strength of character was ideally suited to the process and its flavours burst through in this very different expression of our beloved strong ale. As it begins life as a fully formed beer, it retains some of its characteristics - namely caramelised malt and hints of hoppy astringency.


Suitable for Vegans