Adnams Triple Knot Belgian-style Tripel Ale 10% ABV 330ml Glass Bottles

Adnams Southwold


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Hazy gold in colour, Triple Knot has a gentle sparkle. At 10% abv, it has intense aromas of honey, orange blossom and pear drops, followed by bready notes.

 Hazy gold in colour, Adnams Triple Knot has a gentle sparkle, with floral notes on the nose and delicate aromas of jasmine and lavender. At 10% abv, intense flavours of honey, orange blossom and pear drops are followed by subtle bready hints and a warming, luscious, sweet finish. Available in 330ml bottles with a swing-top, Triple Knot is made with Pilsner, acidulated malt and invert sugar fermented using Adnams house yeast as well as white wine yeast. It's hopped with Eldorado and Pacific Jade and we add a sprinkling of botanicals - lavender, orange blossom and jasmine. Contains barley (Gluten)

 An award-winning UK take on Belgian Tripel ale, which comes in at an impressive 10% abv, with intense honey, orange blossom and pear drop flavours.

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Tripel Ale




Southwold, Suffolk





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 Adnams has a long and colourful history. We're proud of our Southwold roots, which help give us the strength and confidence to grow and evolve, keeping us fresh and innovative.

 Beer has been brewed on the same site in Southwold for at least 670 years. Our long history gives us firm foundations and we look forward to an exciting and sustainable future.