Adnams X Utopian: Beach Break 440ml Cans

Adnams Southwold


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Gather your friends for a Beach Break, a Keller Lager from Adnams and Utopian, for that just-tapped taste of the beerhall. Utopian use 100% homegrown ingredients, so we brewed with Adnams’ own malted barley from Norfolk and British hops that provide a Bohemian-style late kettle aroma while reflecting our home-turf terroir. This beer is unfiltered in line with the kellerbier style and will therefore have a natural haze.


Beach Break is a pale gold Keller Lager that is crisp and refreshing. Beneath its white, foaming head there are waves of lemon and cut grass aromas that just sing of summer. This is balanced by light cereal and biscuit notes and just a hint of pepper.


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Keller Lager









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We wanted to produce an authentic lager for the summer. This is Utopian’s speciality. Their head brewer, Jeremy Swainson, trained in Germany, and they brew a wide range of lager styles with all British ingredients. Kellerbiers were often served straight from the cellar or from a cask and have a slight haze and yeast suspension. Modern Kellerbiers have evolved into an expression of an unfiltered lager, so our summer lager will be unfiltered in all formats too. Adnams head brewer Dan first met Jeremy at Charles Faram’s Well-Hopped series where brewers were invited to sensory-assess existing commercial hop varieties at all stages, including early breeding. Expressing those home-grown attributes was key for this beer. The hops we chose are Fuggles and Godvia, which have a European character and we selected light East Anglian malts like Munch to give body, and fermented with a lager yeast.