Low or No Alcohol Beer Bundle – 6 Bottles

Twelve Green Bottles


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Pack contains:


  • 1 x Adnams Ghost Ship – Alcohol Free Pale Ale 500ml - It’s Ghost Ship, but not as you know it. We’ve managed to squeeze 100% of the taste into 0.5% abv. This is no apparition; it really is a low alcohol beer!


  • 1 x Erdinger Alkoholfrei (Alcohol Free) Beer 500ml - Rich malt flavour, spicy, slightly sweet, stimulating bitterness, malty and spicy, a hint of fruity acidity. Aromatic malt notes with subtle hop notes, delicate hints of brioche, fine yeast aromas


  • 1 x Maisels Weisse Alkoholfrei 500ml -  Maisel's Weisse alcohol free is the ideal fitness and wellness drink for the active and health conscious connoisseur. This version is made like any other Maisel's Weisse varieties, with only natural ingredients and is vitamin rich, isotonic and with 40% fewer calories. A unique bright red-amber colour with a spicy-fruity flavour impression.


  • 1 x Jever Fun Non-Alcoholic German Pilsner 330ml - Frisian brewhouse Jever has been brewing this low-alcohol Pilsner since 1991. Jever Fun is now one of the leading low-alcohol beers in Germany.  Hops, malt and, above all, the particularly soft water of Friesland are what make Jever Fun so successful, along with the distinctive Jever taste.  Best served ice-cold, straight from the bottle!


  • 1 x Bitburger Premium Pils Drive Alkoholfrei 0.0% - A delicately subtle and fresh-tasting beer combining a lightness with the genuine flavour of pilsner.


  • 1 x Asahi Super Dry 0.0% 330ml - Super refreshing, super dry taste now with zero alcohol. When Asahi Super Dry was introduced it brought an entirely new genre of beer to Japan, then to the world. Our Japanese expert brewers created a beer to deliver a dry, crisp taste and quick, clean finish.