Bitburger Premium German Pils 4.8% - 330ml Glass Bottles



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Crisp-tasting, refreshing premium beer.

Germany's number one selling beer brand, brewed in accordance with Germany's ancient beer purity regulations. Only the finest ingredients are used; selected summer barley, fine dry hops and the pure, clean water of the Eifel mountains, and creating a crisp-tasting, refreshing premium beer with a strong hoppy taste.

Tradition and perfection are the rules that make Bitburger Pils so special – the German brewery where it is exclusively brewed has followed them since 1817. A combination of traditional brewer’s craft and state-of-the-art technology has not only created one of the world’s leading breweries.

The perfected delight of pilsener with an accent of hops, combined with ease and elegance, and a crystal-clear, sunny straw-colour and long-lasting, fine head: brewed for more than two hundred years from the finest raw ingredients according to the German purity law, it's not for nothing that our Bitburger Premium Pils is the most popular draft beer in Germany. Its freshly-drawn flavour makes our Premium beer so well-loved.

Contains: Barley, Gluten

Beer Facts

Style Pilsner
Country Germany
Brewery Bitburger
Size 330ml
ABV 4.8%
Serving Temperature Chilled

Bitburger Braugruppe, based in the town of Bitburg in the Eifel region, is a family business from Germany.