Copper House Blackcurrant Gin 70cl

Adnams Southwold


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Blackcurrant Flavoured Gin. 40%, 70cl.

Suitable for Vegans.

 We’ve distilled lashings of lovely, glossy blackcurrants with a selection of familiar London Dry botanicals and a large helping of juniper berries, to create this fruit-forward gin.

 Bittersweet blackcurrants and citrus juniper deliver a delicious duet on the palate, while sweet, warm, woody flavours come through on the finish thanks to the addition of star anise, liquorice root, and the cinnamon-like notes in cassia bark.

 Adnams’ Head Distiller, John McCarthy, wanted to produce a hedgerow-style gin, that used locally grown crops: “The recipe called for lots of fruit, and we were delighted to discover that blackcurrants were available in abundance in East Anglia. We built the recipe from there; deciding to balance the crisp blackcurrant fruit and juniper’s tart citrus flavours with botanicals that deliver sweet, woody accents.”