Stone Daisy Brewery - Snail Creep Hanging Bitter 440ml Can

Stone Daisy Brewery


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Malt, citrus, hops. Not a hint of snail, and no subtle undertones of creep. Phew.

A traditional beer style where the sweetness of the darker malts in the mash is balanced by a bitterness from some of the hops during the boil in the copper. There’s a reason this kind of beer has maintained its popularity for generations.

Colour: Amber

Aroma: Sweet and floral

Taste: Bitter with floral and toffee notes

Taste of The West – Silver Award

Beer Facts

Style Bitter
Country England
Brewery Stone Daisy Brewery, Wiltshire
Size 440ml
ABV 4.2%
Serving Temperature Chilled


Why ‘Stone Daisy’? The brewery is named after medieval witch marks, finely carved into some of Wiltshire’s old stone buildings, including our own, in the shape of a six-petalled daisy wheel. It was believed that they would turn away evil spirits, protecting the building and those within it, as well as giving us the name for our sister brand, Witchmark Distillery.

We’ve named our beers after real places here on the Fonthill Estate. ‘Cow Down’, ‘Park Bottom’ and ‘Snail Creep Hanging’ all exist. You can come and visit them if you like. Just remember to bring your wellies. 

But instead of making our brands all cosy-country-cutesy, we decided to have a bit of fun. To give our beers an edge. And make you smile. We bet – and hope – that you’ve never seen a bottom on a bottle of beer before!

When it comes to sustainability, it’s at the core of everything we do. All the core ingredients used to produce our range of beers are found on our doorstep here on the Fonthill Estate. 

Not only do we use the grain that grows in the fields right next to our brewery, our water rises from chalk aquifers right beneath our feet. And our barley is malted nearby at the last remaining traditional maltings at Warminster. Our beers are even sold at famous Wiltshire landmarks like Longleat and Stonehenge!

Our local focus and traditional equipment, coupled with modern production techniques to guarantee consistency of quality, delivers beers with a pedigree that everyone can enjoy.