Dom Perignon Vintage Champagne

Dom Perignon



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Only ever a Vintage, Dom Pérignon is an act of creation, constantly renewed after each harvest. The 2012 is majestic, ripe, fleshy and profound. Fruit in all its glory. Best served for tasting at 10-12 °C (50-54 °F). Best kept at a steady 11-15 °C (52-59 °F) in a moderately humid, dark place, with no strong odours. Can be enjoyed after many years when stored with care.

Notes of guava and grapefruit zest combine with white peach and nectarine. A beautiful balance of the intriguing flavours typical of Dom Pérignon

Dom Pérignon is Vintage only. Each Vintage wine is created from the best grapes grown in one single year. To reinvent itself by interpreting the unique character of the seasons. To dare to declare the Vintage only when the harvest meets its ideal. Such is the commitment of Dom Pérignon.

Wine Facts
Style Champagne and sparkling wine
Country France
Region Champagne
Grape Chardonnay, pinot noir
ABV 12.5%
Vintage 2012
Size 75CL