Grolsch Premium Pilsner 450ml Swing Top Glass Bottles



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A Pilsner with a great depth of flavour. Initially crisp and refreshing, brewed with a combination of two hop varieties and two different malts, for double the flavour.

Founded in Grolle in 1615, Grolsch Premium Pilsner is more than double the age of most other beers. Now brewed back in its historic home in Enschede, the Netherlands, Grolsch is 'double brewed for double the flavour'. We brew using two hops for bitterness and aroma, perfectly blended with two different types of malt. Grolsch 4% delivers both refreshment and flavour.

Beer Facts

Style Pilsner
Country Netherlands
Brewery Enschede
Size 45cl
ABV 4%
Serving Temperature Chilled