Guidalberto Tenuta San Guido Magnum 150cl

Tenuta San Guido



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A rich, intense, full-bodied red wine with intense red fruit, blackcurrant and spicy vanilla notes, followed by an extremely smooth finish. Easy drinking and pairs well with red meat and game. 

If Mario Incisa, creator of Sassicaia, was inspired by his great-uncle Leopoldo Incisa della Rocchetta, then his son Nicolò, director of Tenuta San Guido since forty years, has been motivated by Guidalberto della Gherardesca his great great great grandfather.

The latter, who lived in the early nineteenth century in Bolgheri was a pioneer of modern agriculture, and is famous for having planted the cypress alley that inspired the poet Giosuè Carducci. Nicolò Incisa explains thus the choice of the name and creation of new wine in 2000: "The wine was created for two reasons: first of all, the desire to see what we could accomplish with Merlot, a grape that we had never used before; second, the desire to offer the consumer a wine which could be appreciated at a younger age compared to our veteran Sassicaia”.

Wine Facts
Style Rich, Intense, Full-Bodied Red Wine
Country Italy
Region Tuscany
Grape Merlot, cabernet sauvignon
ABV 13%
Vintage 2018
Size 150CL