Hawkshead Mild Indian Sweet Pepper Pickle 195g



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Hawkshead Relish Company Mild Indian Sweet Pepper Pickle 195g

Sweet Peppers, Garlic and Ginger along with other Spices but no Chilli so it packs a punch of taste without the heat

Packed with peppers, garlic and ginger this pickle has a lovely depth of flavour; the sweet peppers used create a chunky but delectable texture that works amazingly well in cooking. Try as a replacement for salsa on fajitas or mix with mayonnaise for a dip for the nachos!

Ingredients: Mixed Peppers (76%), Sugar, Garlic, Ginger , Sunflower Oil, Acetic Acid, Mustard Powder, Salt, Fenugreek Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Turmeric, Curry Leaves.

Gluten Free