Howie's Fruit Cider – Grapefruit Flavour 500ml Glass Bottles



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A unique and fresh tasting cider, balanced by the well-rounded crisp acidity coming from the pink grapefruit flavours. Mixed with dessert fruit apples to provide a subtle sweetness that amplifies the grapefruit taste, this combination builds to a strong lasting flavour profile in the mouth. Bursting with refreshing citrus flavour and enhanced by its blush rosé appearance, it’s the perfect balance of tart and sweet. 

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Grapefruit Cider









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In 2021, after a round of golf during a balmy summer afternoon, James and Rob were sat having a few drinks with friends at a nearby pub garden. To quench their thirst in the late summer sun they decided to order some fruit ciders. Both were underwhelmed by the drinks they’d bought, and the topic quickly focused in on the fruit cider market.

Why were all the fruit ciders they were drinking so sweet? Why did they taste so synthetic?  And why were they produced by companies outside of the UK?!

It was at this point that Rob had an epiphany: he was reminded that James’ family had been making cider in Sussex for two generations prior to him. After giving him some initial grief for not carrying on the family tradition they both quickly realised that there was an opportunity to change the fruit cider market.

They began discussing all the things they liked in a fruit cider and what they thought could be improved. Fast forward a year, and after countless visits to Microbreweries and Orchards across Sussex, Kent and Somerset, HOWIES Cider was born; a British made, high quality fruit cider, with real fruit taste!