La Jara Veneto Prosecco Frizzante 75cl

La Jara Veneto

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A very classy, softly sparkling, organic Prosecco with plenty of flavour.

La Jara, based in the heart of Prosecco country just south of Conegliano, make a superb range of organic wines including some excellent Proseccos such as this. Being a frizzante it's got a soft sparkle and in some ways helps the fruit character stand out that bit more. With masses of fine bubbles and flavours of apple, peach, pear and ripe citrus fruits it's a very approachable style that's perhaps a bit too easy to drink. Certainly a step above a lot of other Proseccos.

Certified Organic


La Jara has belonged to the Marion family since 1891. Their love for this land and its fruit has been passed down from generation to generation. Since 1999, a new generation, Massimo and Paolo Marion, have contributed an innovative spirit. They have revolutionised technical processes and embraced a totally organic style of farming, ever inspired by the values and teachings of grandpa Pietro, who still rules at La Jara under the ethos that nature is a perfect mechanism.

In the local dialect, La Jara, synonymous with commitment and dedication to their soil, means the gravel.

Wine Facts
Country Italy
Grape Glera
ABV 10.5%
Vintage NV
Size 75CL