MOGUL Spritz Liqueur Citrus Lemon 70CL 25% ABV



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MOGUL Spritz Liqueur, Citrus Lemon with Juniper and Red Italian Bitters

A little tired of the usual Spritz? Why not try Citrus Lemon, MOGUL Spritz Liqueur, for a spritz less ordinary. With 100% natural fruit ingredients and colours, it’s a brave alternative to the norm. Made with zesty Amalfi Lemons, a hint of juniper,  finished off with grown up Italian Red Bitters, for an altogether more sophisticated experience.

Best way to serve? A classic 3, 2, 1 Spritz! 3 parts fizz, 2 parts Mogul Spritz Liqueur, 1 part soda water. Why end there, garnish your way…perhaps with some crushed mint packed into your glass, a fragrant sprig of rosemary and a chunky slice of fresh lemon. 

Spritz, redefined.