x6 Bottle Price - £34.15
x12 Bottle Price - £33.82

A rich, intense, powerful, full-bodied red wine with cherry, red fruit and sweet spice notes. Superb easy drinking wine which pairs well with red meats and mature cheeses. 

The grapes for this wine reach full ripeness on the vine before being harvested and dried so that they become raisin like. They are then crushed and made into a rich red wine jam packed with flavour, and then used to make this luxurious Amarone wine. 

Wine Facts

  • Style

    Rich, intense, powerful, full-bodied red wine

  • Country Italy
  • Region

    Verona, valpolicella

  • Grape

    Corvina, corvinone, rondinella

  • ABV


  • Vintage


  • Size


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