Pocketful of Stones - Dr Squid Gin in Copper Plated Flask 70cl

Pocketful of Stones


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Dr Squid is a savoury expression, using coriander and sea buckthorn to give a mediterranean warmth, lemon peel adds a citrus lift, vanilla and cinnamon to create the velvety mouthfeel and of course squid ink which adds a slight saline quality to the liquid.


Dr Squid pours black and when mixed with tonic turns a vivid pink. It also makes for a great Gin Mule when poured over crushed ice and ginger beer.



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Squid Ink Gin








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This unique addition is served from a copper flask engraved with the scenery, wildlife, folklore and history that surrounds the distillery.

Dr Squid Gin has been a labour of love dating back to the spring of 2018.

On many occasions we almost conceded that it would not be possible, neither the copper flask nor the balancing of the recipe, but it was an idea that we so steadfastly believed in that we could not let it go.

Squid Ink is such a powerful ingredient that only a minimal amount is needed both for the distilling and colour or infusion of the gin. Vanilla was added to the base of the recipe to give a well rounded mouthfeel and perceived sweetness , coupled with sea buckthorn for a tart, fresh fruit finish.