Pocketful of Stones - Legends of the Tin Coast Gift Set 4x50ml



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This miniature gift pack from Pocketful of Stones in Cornwall includes the following miniatures from their range:

Morveren Absinthe 65% 50ml

The first absinthe to come out of Cornwall. We grow our own wormwood on the cliffs of Zennor and use Cornish seaweed in the recipe. Both for colour as well as for flavour. An extremely smooth absinthe, even at 66% abv, that works well in a louche or in a Sazerac or Corpse Reviver. We have recently been awarded double gold at the Bohemian Spirits awards in Prague, the modern day spiritual home of absinthe, and walked away with the show. 

Cider Brandy 40% 50ml

We have teamed up with Noah from Skreach Cider to produce this truly amazing Cider Brandy. It has been an excruciating last few months waiting for this baby to mature but finally it is here! Working with Noah has been an experience in itself, a larger than life Cornish farmer who just happens to make a really good cider. He is true to his craft and picks, mills and presses his own apples and then ferments for months until the right flavours have developed. He doesn't take any shortcuts and he certainly doesn't rush the process, a perfect match, needless to say we get on well. The Cider Brandy itself has been double distilled in our copper pot still, Jackson. This bottling has been left to mature in Bourbon Cask.

Dr Squid Gin 40% 50ml

The design is a copper plated flask engraved with Cornish folklore, landscape and seascape. Dr Squid is a savoury expression, using coriander and sea buckthorn to give a mediterranean warmth, lemon peel adds a citrus lift, vanilla and cinnamon to create the velvety mouthfeel and of course squid ink which adds a slight saline quality to the liquid. 

Hell’s Stone Whisky 40% 50ml

After 3 long years of ageing under the watchful eye of St Michael, we are so excited to finally introduce you to our very first whisky release: Hell’s Stone Whisky! With a nose of honeyed grains with a slight hint of caramel, it is fresh and smooth on the palate with vanilla and almond undertones and offers a very slight hint of marzipan. Overall, a very smooth and tasty dram with an upfront flavour profile and a slight sea freshness with lingering notes of vanilla to finish... a lot of complexity to mull over. 

he Darling of the North. Dandelion and Burdock is a tried and tested flavour combination. We've taken the earthy flavours of the roots of these botanicals and distilled them with locally foraged heather, honeybush to add a floral lift, almond to bind the flavours and add a creamy smooth texture and orris root to add length.